About Us

We are a part of the Meridian Park Elementary School community, and we are sponsored by the generous support of the Meridian Park PTSA.  For a little more history about us read Exploring Math Through Math Competitions case study written by Nirmala Gnanapragasam from the ASEE.

Kids:  If you like challenging puzzles and math problems, join our club!  Students in grades 3-5 are eligible. When you join math club, you’ll learn how to solve problems and many more!  Please note that joining the club requires commitment, including regular homework.

Parents:  Do you love math?  Become a math coach!  Learn more about coaching here including time commitment and other important details.  Contact the coordinator to sign up, ask any questions, or nominate someone you think would be a great coach.  The more coaches we have, the wider the range of opportunities we can offer to students.

There are also other ways to volunteer and help; our club, and the events we go to, rely entirely on volunteers.

Questions?  Please email us at mpmathclub@gmail.com or read our FAQ