SMO 2016 – Day of Event/Post-Event Info

Update:  Thank you to all our students, our parent event volunteers and chaperones, and our coaches for an amazing Shoreline Math Olympiad day!  Amazing results, including a couple of first-place individual finishes and a 100% award rate for teams (remarkably, every Meridian Park team finished in 6th place or better!).

Because this is a public website I’ll decline to list actual names or post photos here, but I want you to know that all the coaches and I are proud of everyone’s hard work.  You’ll see the details in the Cheetah Chatter soon, as well as other private forums.

Many of you gave feedback that this blog post really helped, so I’ve moved the information to a more permanent place so we can reuse it in future years.  If you need to refer back to the info for some reason, you should be able to find it there.

There are many more contests to come, so let’s build on this success!

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