5th-grade class [updated]

09-20-2016 update:  We have a 5th-grade coach!  More information to come shortly.

Hope everyone is having a great school year so far!

Here in Math Club, the good news is that we have been approved for the 2016-2017 school year by the PTSA.  So we can start advertising the club, including here :), and you will see flyers very soon.

The bad news is that we still have a critical need for a 5th-grade coach.  Paul, who so ably guided these students for two years, cannot coach anymore.  Please thank him for his efforts, and please email the coordinator (mpmathclub@gmail.com) if you have any leads.

Consider volunteering to coach!    See our Math Coaching page to learn more.  You will have Paul as well as the other current coaches to mentor you, and we will have materials for you to use.  Just think:  This could be you!

Some folks have volunteered to do a partial year or a few weeks per month, but if we have a coach A who cannot coach on certain weeks, we would need a coach B who could commit to be present on those weeks.

Registration and Payments for 5th-graders

Because we can’t guarantee a class yet, we can’t take registration forms and payments for 5th-graders yet.  The math flyers that you receive in kid-mail will reflect this.  As volunteers, tracking money is hard enough.  As we found out last year, tracking checks that cannot be cashed yet is a real headache!

If we get a coach by 9/21, we’ll be able to collect 5th-grade payments at the Parent Information Night.  On the other hand, if we don’t get a coach by then, 5th-grade parents are still welcome to come to Parent Information Night for the info, but we can’t collect those checks until we know we will offer a class.

3rd, 4th, and 6th grades are unaffected by this situation.  Those grades can register immediately.

Please, please volunteer to coach 5th grade or help us find someone.  And email me if any questions.  Thank you!


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