(Updated with slides) New for 2016: Parent Information Night

[Update:  Slides from my presentation (with kid pictures and other kid info removed) are here.  Thank you to everyone who came, and to Luann for organizing and setting everything up!]

Math Club Parent Information Night.  Sep 21st, 7pm, MP library.

Every year, on the first day of math club classes, the kids want to get started!  And the coaches need to focus on getting the students started:  meeting the kids, handing out materials, getting them working with each other, going over policies and procedures, introducing the first concepts, all while keeping it fun.

And the parents?  Well, in the past, many parents have left the first day of math club with lots of questions and misconceptions.  And after that day, parents and coaches have limited opportunities to communicate, even though we have a great deal of information and advice to offer.  Parents are left to get (not always accurate) information from word-of-mouth.

So this year we’re trying something new:  an event designed for current, new, and prospective Math Club parents.

What will I get from this event?

  • New parents:  Find out more about the club, how it works, and the commitments involved.  What is this club anyway?  Who are the coaches?  What can you and your students expect?  How much volunteering will you need to do?  What should you do if your child is struggling?  And more.
  • Veteran parents:  Get answers to those nagging questions you’ve always wondered about.  Share your experiences with new parents.  Hear new ideas for helping your child get the most out of the club.
  • All parents:  If you decide to join again, we will have forms so you can sign up for the club.  Get your payments and paperwork done for the year!


Please help out.

We could use some volunteer help for this event.  If you’re available to help, please let me know (mpmathclub@gmail.com).


A few notes

This event is for parents only.  This will help us get through the program more efficiently.  No students please.  We cannot provide childcare for this event.

This event is recommended but not required for Math Club families.  I think both existing and new club families will get a lot from what we discuss, and everyone will benefit from having multiple perspectives.  On that same note, coming to the meeting does not imply a commitment to joining; it’s perfectly OK to attend, hear the information, and then decide you’re not interested.


Tentative agenda

7:00pm:  Set out blank forms.  Accept signed forms with payments.  (Forms can be picked up and returned throughout the evening.)

7:00pm:  Presentation:  Intro to Math Club

7:30pm:  Q&A

8:00pm:  Wrap up/clean up


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