Wednesday morning sign-in procedure

Please use the following procedure every Wednesday morning:
1.  Drop-off  Please accompany 3rd-graders to the front office.  4th, 5th, and 6th-graders can be dropped off at the curb.  (This is PTSA before-school policy.)
2.  Walk and keep voices down  Noise from the office carries into the library, where the teachers will usually be holding their staff meeting.  Students should use quiet voices.  (Level 1, if I remember that scale correctly.)
3.  Find the binder  There will be a red binder at Jill’s desk in the front office.  New this year:  The binder will contain 4 sign-in grid sheets, 1 for each grade.  If you’re the first person there, please get the binder out and put it on the counter.
4.  Check yourself off  Kids:  Find the sheet with your grade.  Find the row with your name.  Find the box with the correct date.  Check the box!  Some kids (late registrations, etc.) may not be listed.  If you don’t see your name, write it under the other kids’ names and check the box.  Even if you’re not in the club but a sibling tagging along with a volunteer parent, you should still do this.
5.  Parent sign-in  All parents coming to the classroom should sign in on the visitor sheet.
6.  Walk to class  You’re checked in!  Walk quietly to the classroom with hands to yourselves.  Find a seat in the classroom and get ready for some fast-paced mathematics!  If you’re early and the classroom is locked, wait quietly outside.
Allow plenty of time for these steps.  Thank you!
Please contact the coordinator ( you have any questions.

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