Blaine Event Info

[This page is under active development.  Content may be unfinished or inaccurate.]

Before Contest Day

Students:  You have one big job.

  • Practice!
    • Your coach will guide you on this.  It will probably involve trying out past contests.
    • Note:  Unlike for other contests, Blaine posts its past results publicly.  So if, for example, you take the 2012 individual round for practice and you score 10/30, you can see where that ranks.  (Hint:  Higher than you think.)
    • Be as familiar as you can with the rules, strategies, and formats.


  • Help your student practice  They will need your proctoring help on the Mental Math and they will need your help to budget time for practicing prior-year contests.
  • Plan for transportation and note meeting times and places Your student needs to get to the Blaine High School gym at 8am on the morning of the contest.
    • Official address of the site:  1055 H Street in Blaine, WA 98230.  Your GPS might give a better location if you punch in “Borderite Way, Blaine WA”.
    • Sometimes, but not always, school bus transportation is arranged by the Math Club.  (For Blaine 2016, yes, there is a bus.)
    • If it is offered, the bus departs MP at 6:30AM and gets to the contest by 8:00AM.  The bus then leaves after the awards and is scheduled to arrive at back at MP at 5:00PM.  Riding the bus (if it is offered) is optional.
  • Plan to volunteer
    • As with most contests, there are two types of roles:  Event Volunteer and Chaperone.
    • We need one Chaperone per team of 3 or 4.
    • We should have at least one Event Volunteer per team as well (to proctor or help score papers).
    • Proctoring at Blaine is actually pretty straightforward.  Usually there are enough proctors so that you will have a co-proctor in the room, which makes things even easier.
  • Plan lunch
    • Pizza is available by the slice for preorder, on the morning of the contest — you get a slice of pizza, chips, and a drink for $5.
    • You can also order from Subway by preorder.

Morning of Contest Day

Students:  Pack

  • Required:  pencils, calculator

Before 6:30AM:  Students taking the bus should arrive at Meridian Park parking lot


6:30AM:  Bus leaves Meridian Park


8:00AM:  Team meets at Blaine High School Gym