Volunteering expectations

All Math Club parents need to chip in and volunteer in order for the club to function.  Please help us help your student.  This page discusses when, where, and why we need you. Thank you in advance for volunteering!


What is expected from the Math Club parents?

We ask you to work with your student over the course of the year and volunteer when needed.


Hey, I paid for this club!  Why do I need to volunteer too?

The entry fee that you paid goes to contest entry fees, t-shirts, printing and postage, and other expenses.  It does not pay for any labor; that is all done by volunteers — and that means you and me. 🙂  There are many tasks to be done in order to make it a complete experience for all students.  Please make room on your calendar for chipping in and helping your student succeed.


OK, so what do you need help with?

There are two main types of volunteer roles:  classroom parent and contest volunteer.

Please plan to rotate classroom duties among all parents, and please plan to come to at least half of the contests (if possible, all of them!).  Make a note of our club schedule and plan accordingly.

Typically, for each team of four students, we need to provide a chaperone (to supervise the team) and an event volunteer (to proctor, score, coordinate pizza, or perform other tasks).


Wait, don’t we pay entry fees for contests?  Why do we also need to volunteer there?


Just like our club, the contests we go to are all run by nonprofit organizations who believe in the importance of STEM education.  Our contest entry fees go toward materials, expenses, and so on; they do not cover the significant costs of labor required to run a successful contest.


How much are the coaches paid?

Zero.  We are volunteers who love math and love working with students. 🙂


Anything else?

We appreciate our volunteers.  Thank you!