Signing up

What is Math Club?

The Meridian Park Math Club is a volunteer-driven PTSA-sponsored organization.  Our mission is to build math skills for competitions and beyond.  Our volunteer coaches teach students a different side of mathematics; then we take the students to a number of math competitions where they can use what they have learned and have fun in the process.

Why should I sign my child up for math club?

If your student loves math, is interested in puzzles, enjoys a challenge, is motivated to learn, or all of the above — math club could be a great fit.

Students who are willing to practice will gain enormous benefits.  Older students who have been through this math club and other similar programs tell us that they still remember their math-club experience fondly and find it very useful as well.

Mathematics is a fundamental part of technical study and training — the “stem of STEM.”  Knowing math well helps students excel in technical fields, helps adults obtain jobs that are in demand, and helps us all understand and solve all sorts of problems throughout our lives.

Is Math Club hyper-competitive?

We promote healthy competition, but not personal antagonism or winning at all costs.  This is an important concept that kids practice and learn in our club.

Sportsmanship, mutual respect, good behavior, following directions, and teamwork are critical elements of our success.  Without them, we cannot do well at math contests, regardless of our mathematical skill.  Violations are cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the club.

The kids certainly want to compete, do well, and win.  But they also come to understand the right way to compete and collaborate.

How do I sign up my child?

Follow directions in our registration page.

Why are the fees so high?  Can I get financial assistance?

Fees typically range from $50-150 for the full year, depending on the grade level.  While the exact numbers vary from year to year and are somewhat unpredictable, we can give general guidelines outlining where the many goes.  Roughly 50% of the fee goes toward contest entries.  Another 20% goes toward transportation, particularly for the contest in Blaine and the bus we usually take there and back.  About 10% goes for T-shirts, and about 20% goes toward printing, postage, supplies, and other expenses.

To inquire about financial assistance for Math Club, please contact Annie Gage ( or (206) 393-1768) our family advocate.  We make every effort to accommodate all interested students.

Why don’t you allow K-2?

2nd-graders and below typically do not have good experiences, especially at the more intensive competitions.  The contests require students to sit still for long periods of time, follow directions and make critical decisions independently, and handle time pressure.

Furthermore, even the most advanced students at these grades do not have all the fundamentals needed to get the most of our mathematical instruction.

Do 3rd graders need to be hi-cap to join?

No, but this has been a historical requirement for math club which we revisit from time to time.  3rd-graders doing 4th-grade math work typically get the most out of math-club instruction.

So, is Math Club for hi-cap students only?


We welcome any student who attends Meridian Park Elementary.  Historically, we have had a great turnout from hi-cap students but we also have non-hi-cap students who love math as well.

We do restrict 3rd-grade classes to hi-cap, but at other grades we find that non-hi-cap students who are willing to practice and focus can do quite well.

Does my child have to be in math club in order to take math contests?

There are some contests where non-club students can join in.  In particular, Shoreline Math Olympiad is open to all students who go to school within the boundaries of the Shoreline School District, in grades 4-8.

Also, when we take the AMC 8 in November, non-club students may pay a prorated entry fee and join us; this is a unique contest which is not during a club session and features only an individual component (i.e., is not team-based).

Other contests we go to either have team components or occur during math club.  Therefore they require something we cannot offer to non-club students — attendance at math club sessions in order to prepare with teammates or participate in the contest.  Per PTSA policy, all students in a club session must be club members.